Technology Committee Meeting


Technology Committee Meeting – January 19, 2021 – Zoom

Location: Virtual via Zoom
Co-Chairs: Kristen Cardoso (UCSC), Katie O’Connell (HML)
Attendees: Katie O’Connell (HML), Kristen Cardoso (UCSC), Kris Amaral (MCFL), Stacy DeMatteo (NPS), Deborah Stephens (HCL), Glenn Tozier (MPC), Mayra Ortiz (WPL), Katharine Dixon (SPL)
Today’s recorder: Katharine Dixon (SPL)
Old Business: None
Agenda review: Approved
Approve minutes from last meeting: Approved without correction
MOBAC Reports (as necessary): No meetings have been held yet.
New Business: Ashlee Wright has asked our website designer if he can create a blend of design #1 and #2, based on the feedback received from each committee and the Admin Council. She also requested the use of a carousel, if possible, displaying images of the various member libraries and emphasized concern over the header image being too large and requiring users to scroll too much.
We each discussed our thoughts on what we had learned in the past year and what we could take with us into the new year. The consensus targeted the amazing resiliency of the staff of each of our institutions. While we learned from and applauded the innovations of our dedicated folks, we also acknowledged the huge loses many of us have experienced. Those that supervise workers are demonstrably shaken by what seem like insurmountable sorrow of good people who have lost work, health and loved ones. We stridently hope that in the coming year, we can return to some sort of normalcy.
This heartfelt discussion lead us to ask if perhaps we should create a database of resources to aide our MOBAC family in finding the help that they need. It could even evolve into a workshop that would have real meaning.
We discussed the importance of communication, needed now more than ever. We also noted that a quick check-in from our Supervisors would help our mental health, made more fragile from these trying times. Just being able to talk about our common obstacles each month to people who understand what we face is a huge help, we are thankful for our MOBAC Tech committee.
Public comment: None
Next business meeting place: February 16, 2021 2-3pm
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