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The School and Public Librarians Association of the Monterey Bay Area (SPLAMBA) is a support and resource organization for public and school librarians serving youth ages 0-18. Although long an independent existing group, SPLAMBA became an official sponsored MOBAC committee in 2003.
The SPLAMBA Committee meets the third Friday of every month hosted in turn by various member libraries.

Committee Co-Chairs: Alison Day, MCFL and Elizabeth Griffo, WPL

Notetaker: Elizabeth Brown, SBCFL

Web guru: Rochelle Eagen, SJB
Updated June 2020
Library Name/Email
Anzar High School Michele Beske
Carmel Teri Rodriguez
Gault School in Santa Cruz Barbara Lawrence
Monterey County Free Libraries Be Astengo
Monterey County Free Libraries Alison Day (co-chair)
Monterey Public Library Ellie Anderson
Pacific Grove Public Library Mary Weyant
Pacific Grove Unified School District Anne Scanlon
Salinas Public Library Don Gardner
Salinas Public Library Leslie Sterian
San Benito County Free Library Elizabeth Brown
San Benito County Free Library Caitlin Souza
San Juan Bautista City Library Rochelle Eagen
Santa Cruz Public Libraries Melanee Barash
Santa Cruz Public Libraries Jacqueline Danziger
Santa Cruz Public Libraries Brenda McIlroy
Santa Cruz Public Libraries Valerie Murphy
Santa Cruz Public Libraries Jeanne O’Grady
Santa Cruz Public Libraries Julie Soto
Santa Cruz Public Libraries Catherine Upton
Watsonville Public Library Elizabeth Griffo (co-chair)