Technology Committee Meeting


Technology Committee Meeting – February 21, 2020 – Zoom

Location: Virtual via Zoom
Co-Chairs: Kristen Cardoso (UCSC), Katie O’Connell (HML)
Attendees: Katie O’Connell (HML), Kris Amaral (MCFL), Alicia Martinez (WPL), Deborah Stephens (HCL), John Brady (CSUMB)
Today’s recorder: John Brady
Old Business:
Agenda review: Approved
Approve minutes from last meeting: Approved without correction
MOBAC Reports:
  • Admin Council: No report (next meeting not until March)
New Business: April Workshop Logistics Date:
  • Tentatively scheduled for April 10, 1-4 pm
  • If this date ends up not working, committee will consider holding the workshop in May instead (possibly May 8 or 15)
  • 4-5 presenters, interspersed with hands-on activity and a break
  • Katie spoke to Glenn about reserving computer lab at MPC for workshop. Lab is only available Friday afternoons.
  • Discussed whether it’s still worthwhile to include a hands-on portion, which would require holding the workshop in the afternoon (in the past workshops have been scheduled for morning). Agreed that in addition to presenters, workshop should feature hands-on activity.
  • Discussed webinar suggestion. Committee agrees that it would be better to point attendees to resources they can watch at a later time, rather than watch webinar during the workshop.
  • Will confirm with Admin Council on amount authorized to spend on workshop.
  • Steph Bradley, Director of Content Services at Digital Deployment. Steph will speak about accessibility from a web developer perspective. In the event that Steph is not available on the selected date, another member of the Digital Deployment team may be able to fill in instead.
Handout :
  • Bookmark with resources listed on one side, and descriptions of core accessibility concepts on the other.
  • Kris will ask staff member to create bookmark and possibly flyer as well.
  • Will look into how/where to print bookmarks.
Accessibility Manual
  • Reviewed current draft. Katie will continue working on manual and may assign sections or ask for volunteers.
Public comment: None
Next meeting place:  March 20, 2020 — 2-4pm, TBD
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