Technology Committee Minutes: Nov 2010

MOBAC Technology Committee Meeting

Thursday, November 18, 2010
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
John Steinbeck Library (Salinas Public)

Deborah Stephens, WAT, chair
Stephanie Staley, CAB
Pam Poandl, CAB
Steve Watkins, CSUMB
Chris Ricker, MCFL
Doug Holtzman, MPL
Stacy DeMatteo, SPL

  1. Today’s note taker – Doug Holtzman
  2. Agenda review: the agenda was reviewed and approved
  3. Approve minutes from the last meeting: the minutes of the September 16, 2010 meeting were approved by consensus.
  4. Administrative Council Report. Steve reported that he presented the Committee’s annual report/request; CLA Snapshot Day was discussed, MOBAC contributions may be distributed to members; communication between MOBAC and Pacific Library Partnership (PLP) was discussed, committees are encouraged to send information about staff development activities for inclusion in the PLP newsletter. Doug will attend the December 10 Admin Council meeting.
  5. Discussion: Future Technology Workshop. The workshop will be postponed to January 21 or 28. Speakers: Deborah will ask David to contact the apps speaker he suggested about the new dates. Stacy will contact the Santa Clara County Library speakers. Doug will ask Steven Silveria if he would be interested in preparing and presenting an overview of commercially available Library-related mobile apps (LibraryAnywhere, Access My Library, etc.) Location: Stephanie will check on the Cabrillo Horticulture Center and library. Chris will check on the Marina Library. Flyer: Stephanie will prepare the flyer. The flyer should be distributed before December 15. All confirmed speakers will be asked to provide biographical information.
  6. Discussion: Hands-On Workshop Ideas. If the location permits, Steve will present a hands-on workshop on mobile web development in the afternoon following the Future Technology Workshop. If the morning program is in the Cabrillo Horticulture Center, the afternoon can be in the library classroom. It is also possible that both workshops can be held in the classroom.
  7. Study: Recording and archiving training sessions. The committee looked at audio and video recording equipment available in the Salinas Public Library Digital Arts Lab, including a Sony HDR-HC9 HD video cam, a Flip cam, tripods, etc. Our recommendation to the Admin Council should include: a kit that can be checked out including all on-site recording equipment and an instruction booklet; specification and location for editing hardware and software; legal/ethical best practices (releases, etc.); hosting and access. Discussion of solutions for recording both speakers and slides (including Slideshare); recording hands-on events or developing hands-on training for remote access; recording sound from multiple sources. Stacy will bring the Sony camera and a tripod to the workshop to test simple recording using one camera and the camera microphone.
  8. New Business. None.
  9. Information/resource sharing and news from the libraries
  10. The next meeting will be held on December 16, 2010. Chris will check on the availability of meeting rooms at Castroville or Marina libraries.
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