Technology Committee Minutes: June 2011

MOBAC Technology Committee
2010-11 Chair: Deborah Stephens (WAT)

June 16th 2011 2:00 P.M.
Santa Cruz Public Library


Members present: Pam Poandl (CAB), Deborah Stephens (WAT), Steve Watkins (CSUMB), Stephanie Tetter (MPC), Deborah Lipoma, (SC), Stacy DeMatteo (SPL), David Meyer (UCSC), Doug Holtzman (MPL), Eric Mitchell (UCSC)

  1. Today’s note taker: Stephanie Tetter
  2. Agenda Review: none added
  3. Approve minutes from last meeting: Yes.
  4. Election of 2011/12 Chair: Eric Mitchell was welcomed back to MOBACTECH by being nominated for Chair. His gracious acceptance was met with resounding applause and expressions of gratitude. Steve Watkins and Doug Holtzman will attend Admin. Council meetings when possible, as is tradition.The standing meeting date was changed to the 4th Thursday of the month to accommodate the new chair.
  5. Admin. Council Report: Doug and Stacy attended the last Council meeting.
    1. Jayanti made a recommendation clarifying committee activities related to the Brown Act.
      1. Liebert, Cassidy and Whitmore recommend following the Brown Act.
      2. MOBACTECH could be considered a subcommittee of Council, even though members of committee are not members of Council.
      3. Remote meeting issues discussed. Also may be issues with ADA compliance.
      4. No final decision, but some urgency. Doug told Council MOBACTECH needs guidance from Council
    2. Goal related to committee creation
      1. Idea to change committees to “Communities of interest” to comply with Brown Act, also to change what the committees’ roles are (advocacy for this from T. Landers, SCPL)
      2. G. Romero and Doug H feel committees are charged with accomplishing something, defended our traditional model of MOBAC committees.
      3. Conclusion this is a good question, and October MOBAC meeting should include representatives of all committees for a type of retreat to discuss this
    3. Budget issues
      1. Databases: PLP said priority is databases not 2nd level reference, so will continue to fund at some level (including Access Science for academic libraries)
      2. Using community resources for staff development (rather than outside speakers/presenters)
      3. Discussion of eliminating funding committees
        1. Doug H objected
      4. Conclusion to approve budgets but direct committees not to commit more than half the funds before October.
      5. Approved maintenance of dues for one year
      6. OCLC and World Cat
        1. State Library will continue to fund CalCat for 6 months
        2. Voted to continue to fund access for academic libraries to WorldCat for 6 months, then a MOBAC task force will bring recommendations
          1. Council misunderstood Catherine Webb’s offer to participate in this analysis
          2. Agreement it is Council’s responsibility to find volunteers for this task force
          3. Doug and Catherine will participate as representatives of the Tech Committee
    4. Circ committee: no decision on whether one will exist.
  6. Study: Recording and archiving training sessions :
    1. David edited, assembled and uploaded (to Kaltura) videos from training. He will send login info to committee
    2. Audio has been an issue
    3. Questions:
      1. Should we install on our own server?
      2. Where will the kits “live?”
      3. Who can use the equipment?
      4. What instructions are needed?
      5. Legal notices, etc. that may be needed? (waivers etc.)
    4. Equipment includes mic stands, cameras, tripods and wireless mics (3 in each kit)
    5. Eric M will take one kit to UCSC to explore
    6. We need to develop
      1. Checklist
      2. Locations
      3. Protocols for circulation
      4. Legal information (Doug will draft a proposal for this)
    7. Training to follow
  7. Future workshops:
    1. Hands-on workshop in September on recording
      1. Meeting between now and then to refine details
      2. Presenter suggestion: Jeff McCall of CSUMB
    2. Future Technologies Workshop to be offered in January.
      1. Topic ideas
        1. WordPress
          1. Will be used for MOBAC website, libraries will benefit from some training
        2. Security
          1. Phishing
          2. Software solutions for security
          3. Best practices
          4. Possibly panel with both “big picture” and user-assist security issues
  8. Information/resource sharing and news from the libraries.
    1. Openings at UCSC for ILS administrator (David M moving to another position in Pebble Beach) and SPL for Systems person (Stacy moving to NPS)
    2. General discussion of handling funds, card applications
  9. Next meeting is: July 28th at UCSC
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