Technology Committee Minutes: Apr 2010

MOBAC Technology Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2010
2:00 – 4:00 pm
CSU Monterey Bay Library

David Meyer, UCSC
Deborah Stephens, WAT
Gregg Yearwood, MPC
Pam Poandl, CAB
Stacy DeMatteo, SAL
Doug Holtzman, MPL
Steve Watkins, CSUMB


  1. Today’s note taker – Steve Watkins
  2. Agenda review:  the agenda was reviewed and approved
  3. Approve minutes from last meeting:  the minutes of the March 18, 2010 meeting were approved by consensus
  4. Discussion:  Future Technology Workshop
    Gregg summarized feedback from surveys distributed at the workshop on cloud computing held April 8, 2010 at the MPC Library.  17 of 26 attendees completed the survey and comments were quite favorable.  Gregg will review the sheets again to see if any ideas for future workshops were suggested by attendees.
  5. Discussion:  Hands-on Workshop
    David confirmed that Zachary Watkins will present the audio portion of the workshop, now scheduled for Friday, May 21, 2010.  Stacy will approach Garland Thompson of the digital arts lab at Salinas Public Library about presenting the video portion of the workshop.  Gregg will contact the Hartnell Library regarding availability of equipment and to ask about catering options.

    Depending on the software and hardware needs of the presenters, CSUMB may be able to serve as an alternate location.  Steve will check the software loadset on the library’s Mac laptops to see if they already have the required packages installed.  The group hopes that Stephanie Staley will again apply her creative skills to producing a flyer for the event once the details are firmed up.

  6. New Business
    Doug announced that the committee’s budget request for 2010/11 was approved by the MOBAC Administrative Council.The group continued discussion of ideas for workshops to be held in the 2010/11 fiscal year.  David will contact the data security specialist at UC Santa Cruz about possible content for a workshop on privacy and security.  Gregg introduced the notion of possibly exploring the changing face of libraries with the infusion of technology, which led to ideas on related topics such as the provision of technical support to the public, staff training, and service expectations for technical support.  A panel discussion combined with presentations might be a suitable format for such a program.

    Another program topic is library websites and services for mobile devices, raised by Steve at last month’s meeting.  Similar to last year’s Drupal workshop, this might lend itself to a more general introductory session in the morning where the pros and cons of app development for specific mobile platforms versus making websites mobile friendly, followed by an afternoon hands-on session of a more technical nature focused on mobile-friendly website design.  Such a workshop might be offered in late summer or late September/early October rather than waiting until next spring.

Next meeting is at 2:00 on Thursday, June 17 at either Watsonville Public Library or Cabrillo College Library.

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