Technology Committee Meeting: January 22, 2014

MOBAC Technology Committee
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month

2013/14 Co-Chairs: Stacey DeMatteo, Naval Post-Graduate School
Ashlee Wright, Harrison Memorial Library

January 22, 2014 from 2:00 to 4:00
MCFL Administrative Office, Marina

Attending: Stacy DeMatteo (NPS), Ashlee Wright (HML), Chris Ricker (MCFL), Kris Amaral (SPL), Steven Silveria (PGPL/Admin), Deborah Stephens (HCL)


  1. Today’s recorder: Deborah Stephens
  2. Agenda Review
    • Add Admin Council Report after Approve Minutes.
    • Add Set meeting dates & locations to new business
  3. Approve Minutes from last meeting: tabled to next meeting
  4. Admin Council Report: Steven is Admin liaison. Strategic plan meeting in February – give input to Steven. Committee meetings and workshops are important. PLP doing Tech Innovation grants. Closed captioning for posted videos, will be researching. PLP Annual meeting 5/9 in Santa Clara. PLP will pay for MOBAC workshops. Califa annual report distributed; had a good year.
  5. Hands on workshop planning: Intellectual freedom & privacy — Chris and Stephanie are contacting possible presenters: John Perry Barlow from EFF, Deb Caldwell Stone from ALA OIF, someone from SJSU SLIS, Sarah Houghton, Mary Minow. What are best practices for patron authentication for 3rd party services? What does the vendor keep on their side? Possible dates April 25 or May 2.
  6. Future of streaming video on the webpage: Stacy is still researching video hosting alternatives.
  7. New business: Setting meeting dates and places. Ashlee will send out dates and ask for signups.
  8. Public Comment: none
  9. Next business meeting is: 2/19.
  10. Next business meeting place: Ashlee will check on Carmel. PG will be backup.
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