ILL Committee Meeting Minutes: Oct 2010

MOBAC Interlibrary Loan Committee MINUTES

October 12, 2010, 2 p.m., CSU Monterey Bay

Present: Monica Wilmot (MIIS), Pamela Jungerberg (PGR), Kirk Hall (MPC), Susanne Rodriguez (CSUMB), Rebecca Bergeon (CSUMB)

Note Taker: Rebecca Bergeon

  1. Call to Order 2:15
  2. Additions to Agenda NONE
  3. Approval of minutes YES
  4. Reports
    • Admin  Council-Monica was unable to attend.  Report was meeting was spent going over committee annual reports.
    • Technology Committee Report-Workshop may be in December with Steve Watkins as presenter
    • Reference Committee-There was no committee meeting in September due to their workshop. The August meeting was spent talking about workshops and getting feedback on upcoming workshop which took place Oct. 1.   There was fairly good attendance at the workshop.
    • SPLAMBA-No Report
  5. Old Business-None
  6. New Business
    • New meeting locations were decided with the committee members present.February-MPC;   April-CSUMB;   June-MPC;   August-CSUMB;   October-MPC;   December-CSUMB
    • Survey ResultsWe looked at the survey results but without Susan Renison present we did not go into a deep discussion.  Some changes will need to be made.  PGR does not charge patrons for non pick-up of ILL items.It was noted that Salinas Public Library has ILL staffing time from 0-10 hrs/wk.  It was noted that many requests sent to Salinas aged to the next lender as they didn’t get to them.  Clarification about what days they process ILL requests might be helpful.There are some missing responses.  Changes needed should be sent directly to Susan Renison.Workshops for the current fiscal year were discussed.  We all agreed to do some searching to locate Hot New Topics in ILL and to email suggestions back and forth.  We would like everyone to participate in this.  Ideas that came up were: author of the 2009 edition of the  ILL Handbook ; Best Services at Lowest Cost (locate a speaker?); Check ALA Midwinter and summer conferences to see what ILL topics are being discussed at their meetings.  Email all ideas to Monica Wilmont (MIIS) and she will compile them and share them with the committee via email.  We feel we need to have something planned soon to make it happen this year.  It was also noted that if we find a good topic that we may get some other PLP libraries to attend.  We will vote on meeting suggestions in December at the December ILL meeting.
  7. Announcements
    MIIS will be open extended hours (until midnight) November 29-December 14.
  8. Problem Solving/SharingNone
  9. News from Libraries
  10. Agenda items for Next Meeting
    Vote on Workshop Ideas
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