January 10, 2012 — UCSC

MOBAC ILL Committee

Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UC Santa Cruz McHenry Library


Present: Monica Wilmot  (MIIS), Susan Renison  (WPL), Ray Melendez (MCO), Eleanor Uhlinger (Administrative Council), Kirk Hall (MPC), Irma Fink (NPS), Sarah Troy (UCSC), Jean Chapin (HML)

Scribe: Sarah Troy (UCSC)


Call to Order:The meeting was called to order at 2:04pm.


Additions/Changes to the agenda:

●        changes to the meeting calendar (Susan)

●        CLSA (Irma)

●        welcome Eleanor Uhlinger, who is joining us as a representative from the MOBAC Administrative Council


Adoption of the Minutes of October 11, 2011

Motion to approve the minutes (Kirk), seconded (Ray), and unanimously approved.

Action Item: Susan will post minutes to website.



Administrative Council (Eleanor):

●        MOBAC committees do not have directors in attendance as often as they would like.  Carol will serve as our primary representative from the Administrative Council, with Eleanor as our secondary rep.

●        At the last admin meeting the action plans from the strategic planning group were discussed.

○        Does MOBAC remain in PLP, or split off? Membership is divided.

○        PLP benefits: database packages, negotiated courier contract, administrative duties handled such as the Annual Plan of Service

○        If we split off, we would give the state library notice, and we would then leave the following year.

○        MOBAC budget may be seriously depleted in 2 years, we may not be able to sustain ourselves if we split from PLP.

○        PLP negotiated our contract with KalWest–what would it cost us to pull out of that contract?

○        How does the fee structure work? MOBAC began as a use-based structure, but it has evolved organically since then. Based on the recent consultant’s report and PLP council meetings and director’s meetings we adopted a 3 year fee structure. For those libraries whose fees went up significantly MOBAC agreed to cover the difference.

○        action for MOBAC ILL:

■   what are alternative delivery options?

●        we need to do an analysis to determine cost per item

●        only about 20% of our returnables are lent within MOBAC

●        assess what we really need in the way of delivery, what are our priorities?

●        we currently use the courier to ship courtesy returns–we use the courier for much more than simply shipping ILL items. how much of what we’re shipping is ILL and how much is other use?

■   what are alternative ILL options?

●        universal library card briefly discussed

■   Our recommendations are due to Admin Council in August so they can discuss them in the October meeting and approve in December.

■   Action Item: Susan, Monica, and Irma will form a small work group to identify a survey tool and put together the study.  Eleanor can provide helpful resources, such as copies of the slips, directions, and survey instruments.


Technology Committee (Jean):

The workshop has been moved to January 20.


Reference Committee (Jean)

The hands-on workshop was successful, the survey responses were very positive.



Nothing to report.


New Business


Administrative Council assignments to ILL Committee:

●        identify delivery options: we currently pay $48,000/year for the courier service.  We should identify other companies and obtain quotes.

●        identify ILL alternatives: link+, universal cards, wcl (get it button)

Rules for lending new acquisitions

●        some MOBAC libraries do not  lend recent items (“recent” has a variety of definitions, depending on the institution)

●        we will poll membership to see what our current practices are, and perhaps revisit the policy

Committee Roster

●        we will update

Committee Calendar

●        need to revise since we now meet quarterly rather than monthly

●        future meetings: April 10 (WPL), July 10 (MIIS), October 9 (CSUMB?)

●        January: budget request, workshop planning

●        April: present budget report, find chair for coming year (DONE for 2012-2013)

●        July: draft annual council report, do ILL survey, gather annual stats report to present in October

●        October: present annual survey (if we do one), present annual report to council

●        Action item: Susan will post draft changes  on website


●        For the time being, the state will not reimburse us for ILLs, but we still need to report our stats

●        Funding may be available in the future, waiting on 2012-2013 budget

●        PLP did not count on this funding in making budget plans so we are okay for now


Old Business


Workshops/Training Opportunities

●        some ideas: Accessing and Using Free Government Information (4 wk course), Got Stress? (Infopeople session), Effective Library Statistics

●        members tend to be divided on the issue of workshops–on the one hand, we already have more than enough work to do and we don’t have time for more commitments, on the other hand, it is good to get out of our daily grind and interact with one another and learn new things

●        membership also divided on whether we should do ILL-focused activities or activities with broader interest

●        Reference committee has been exploring homegrown workshops using local expertise

●        Action item: Irma will send out a feeler about the workshops, and people with interest should take responsibility for helping to organize event, any budget request will need to go to Carol & Eleanor, who will send it to Janet from the MOBAC budget council



●        Pacific Grove has canceled their OCLC account, but they’re still showing up as a supplier for some reason.  Be sure not to add them to your lender strings.

●        UCSC has started using FedEx instead of USPS.  This is for shipments not handled by Accurate (UCs) or KalWest.


Problem Sharing/Solving

●        Within MOBAC it’s fine to use whatever color slips you want, but if you’re shipping outside of MOBAC you need to use the correct color slips.


News from the Libraries


Agenda items for next meeting

●        Task force will have met about the survey tool for delivery analysis

●        Calendar and roster updates

●        Possible workshop ideas

●        April tasks


Next Meeting Date/Time: April 10, 2012, Watsonville Public Library


Meeting adjourned: ~4pm







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