Ref Committee Meeting Minutes: September 2013

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2-4 PM—Cabrillo College Library

In attendance: Inga Labeaune-MPL, Deborah Stephens-Hartnell, Frank Gravier-UCSC, Sarah Dahlen-CSUMB, Lisa Duff-SPL, Be Astengo-MCFL, Michelle Morton-Cabrillo, Jean Chapin-HML Carmel, Mary Elturk-PGPL, Amy Chirman-MPC, Julie Richardson-SCPL, Laura Dickie-Cabrillo, Jen Waterson-MIIS, Betty Mason-San Benito

Call to order: 2:10 PM

Minutes of August 27, 2013 approved with spelling corrections.

Public comment: none

Reports from MOBAC Committees:
Administrative Council: No meeting since the last MOBAC Ref meeting.

Tech Committee: “Writing for the Web” workshop coming up on October 18 @ MPC. A flyer was sent out.  Lead by staff from NPS.

ILL Committee: No meeting since last MOBAC Ref; still revising the ILL Manual.

SPLAMBA: Aptos Branch of SCPL hosted the “Common Core” workshop on September 20 with a speaker from the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. The attendance was excellent with many school “librarians” and public librarians in attendance. Lively, passionate discussion ensued about how public libraries fit into supporting the common core and the use of databases in schools to assist with the common core curriculum. Reading is moving towards more non-fiction texts.  Many teachers still are unsure what DBs are, more education is needed. Karen Brown of MPL brought articles about librarians’ role in common core. The workshop was a success.

Old Business:
Future of Reference Workshop: The workshop planning is complete. The subcommittee has speakers and panelist lined up. Be passed out the program schedule for the workshop at MPC on October 4 from 9 AM-12 noon. Inga will moderate the event and the panel discussion. Amy will set up a projector so that the questions we ask panelists to answer are projected on a screen for all attendees to see.  10 minute Q & A to follow the panel. MOBAC agencies are asked to bring a tablet or laptop to showcase their online resources. Reference books are also welcome.

Annual Report to Admin Council: Inga will type it up and send it to the group.

New Business:

New Committee Chair: Doug Holtzman, the current Assistant Director at MPL, is retiring in November. Inga will be Acting Assistant Director and will need to give up some of her responsibilities. She asked the group if anyone was interested in being chair of the MOBAC Ref Committee since she will pass on that responsibility in November.

Workshop Planning: The group was asked for topics for the next MOBAC Ref workshop. The evaluation form for the Future of Reference Workshop on October 4, will ask participants for topics of interest. The group will evaluate suggestions from the workshop forms. Amy has received 6 RSVPs and will send out the notice again to all MOBAC groups in hopes of generating more interest.

Laura expressed concern about School Libraries and SPLAMBA and Inga said she would try to arrange a joint meeting with SPLAMBA.

Pacific Grove Public Library visits the local high school to discuss databases. Santa Cruz Public Library has good relations with the schools and does regular outreach. The Youth Services position at MCFL is currently vacant. Several branches have good collaborations with schools but it is challenging to work with the many different school districts in their jurisdictions of the county.

Inga mentioned the Stuart Day grant that MPL has overseen for 4 years (5 yr. grant) that outreaches to elementary schools on the peninsula to give books to schools and teach library aides about library services such as databases.

Reference Shares/Problems:
Cabrillo college had a boiler break and it damaged a large number of books. Many were checked for water damage, many were discarded and many were dried out.

News from Libraries

Meeting adjourned 3:55 PM.

Next meeting: November 26, 2013 at Castroville Branch of MCFL

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