Ref Committee Meeting Minutes: Jan 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Cabrillo College Library

Call to Order: 2:10pm

Present: Georg Romero (honored guest) (CAB), Topsey Smalley (CAB), Sylvia Winder (CAB), Janie Silveria (CSUMB), Bill Rawson (HCL), Jean Chapin (HML ), Mary B. Housel (MCFL), Beata Obydzinski (MCFL), Deborah Ruiz (MPC), Irene Berry (NPS), Pamela Jungerberg (PG), Bjorn Jones (SAL), Betty Mason (SBCL), Pam Downing (SCPL), Frank Gravier (UCSC), Heather Geddes (WPL).

Adoption of November 24, 2009, meeting minutes:  Adopted with no changes


Technology Committee Report : none

Interlibrary Loan Committee Report (Jean Chapin):

  • Two workshops are planned for the spring: Feb. 9 “ Communicating Up” – half-day – 1 – 5pm, at the Castroville Library; April ?– ILL technology.

SPLAMBA – The committee is beginning work on the summer reading program.

The committee discussed how the MOBAC committees communicate (or not) with each other. Heather will e-mail the other chairs and ask them to provide meeting highlights for us, and we will reciprocate.           .

Old Business

Workshop –

  • Helping a Library User Look For Work  – March 15 – An all day workshop at Watsonville. Heather will produce a flyer, and Mary will be the contact for sign-ups.

New Business

Website –

  • We still need to look at what, if anything, needs to be removed. Old, but useful, information will be archived, and the password removed from the site.
  • Publicly Available Services and Technologies Survey – Committee members should check their library’s information for accuracy.

Databases –

  • Committee members asked how much money is available for the Gale databases in FY 2010-11, and whether or not the current agreement is multi-year. Heather will check on this and report back.

MOBAC Strategic Plan –

  • This will be the major topic at the Feb. meeting.

Plan of Service –

  • Is there anything else we need to do for this year’s POS?  Jean will design a bookmark with information on free language resources and bring it to the next meeting. Citizenship information will be posted on the Wiki for discussion.

Will we need to do a POS in the future, or is this something that the PLP will handle in the future? Heather will ask.

Repeat Business

New Reference Sources – None

Problem Sharing/Solving –

  • Irene asked if other libraries were having problems with patrons’ high expectations for e-books. Limited simultaneous users and limited printing (the collision of the commercial with the library model) are causing headaches for library staff.

Agenda building for Next Meeting

**Special Agenda Item: A farewell to Georg Romero, with cake for all, concluded the meeting.**

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