Ref Committee Meeting Minutes: August 2012

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Minutes August 2012

August 28, 2012

Phil’s Fish Market, Moss Landing

Present: Inga Labeaune (MPL), Janet Bombard (HML), Jean Chapin (HML), Mary Elturk (PGPL), Sharon Freed (MCFL), Frank Gravier (UCSC), Pamela Jungerberg (MIIS), Kathy Norton (NPS), Janie Silveria (CSUMB), Jim Tarjan, (SCPL), Lisa Duff (SAL), Betty Mason (SBE), Deborah Ruiz (MPL), Laura Dickie (CAB).

Meeting called to Order.

Recorder assigned.

May and June minutes approved, with corrections.

Introductions (welcome Lisa, from Salinas!)


Admin. Council –

  • ·  Questions about committees vs communities of interest and Brown Act responsibilities will be referred to a PLP attorney
  • PLP got partial funding from the state. They will use the money to fund delivery, and make grants to individual libraries available, up to $15000.  More info to follow.
  • ·  PLP has been asked to look into 2/week delivery, rather than 3/week, as a cost-saving measure, based on the MOBAC ILL committee recommendation
  • ·  Council reviewed our report on libraries in the MOBAC region that are not members, and felt none would be likely to be able to be full-paying members.  They will consider the idea of a non-voting tier.
  • ·  They are recommending a general listserve for MOBAC members, for events, workshops, news of interest to all.  UCSC is setting this up.   They will also use the listserv to identify staff with special skills.
  • ·    Print-On-Demand.  Bookshop Santa Cruz has an Expresso Book Machine they are willing to demo for us at a future meeting.  PLP is funding one in a Northern library.  Georg is looking into getting one closer to home.

Tech. Committee – no report

ILL Committee – reports delivered to Admin council on alternatives to ILL and delivery options. Jean will send these reports to the MOBAC ref list.

SPLAMBA – Short, edited video from the Children with Autism workshop presented at Admin Council meeting.

MOBAC Strategic Plan workgroups- Inga will review for next meeting.

Old Business.

  • · Vice Chair position.  Kathy Norton may be reassigned to a different library department, in which case she would not be the rep to our committee, and could no longer be vice-chair.  We will cross this bridge when we come to it, but in the meantime, Mary Elturk (PGPL) would be next in line.
  • ·Future of Reference Workshop.  Inga, Deborah, Kathy, and Laura volunteered to be on the sub-committee.  The workshop will be held at MPC 10/4, 8:30-noon. Deborah will take care of refreshments, with a budget of $200. Presentations

o Speedy book reviews- participants

    • Institutional Archive, Calhoun- Irene Berry, NPS

o Boing Boing South by Southwest (SxSW LMA) Library Advocacy – Andrea Davis, NPS

o   Discovery Tools

      • VuFind- NPS – Stacy DeMatteo
      • Summon- CSUMB Janie will find a presenter. Sarah Dahlen
      • Ebsco- MPC- Deborah will check with Technical Services Librarian-Catherine Webb to see if she can present and will let Inga know.

o   Califa – Jean will contact them

  • MOBAC website- what should we remove from the documents section? (tabled until 9/25 meeting at MPL, where we will have access to a computer and projector.  Our homework- review the section to see what should be edited.

New Business.

  • ·         Annual Report to Admin Council (tabled until next meeting)

Next meeting, 9/25, MPL. Future Agenda Items:

  • ·        Review of MOBAC Reference committee section of website
  • ·         Review of Strategic Plan Workgroups assignments
  • ·         Annual Report
  • ·         Finalize Hands On
  • ·        Meeting locations for Jan-June.  Inga will post dates on wiki, we should fill in if we can host.  We will move the annual Phil’s meeting to June, to accommodate academic year calendar better.
  • ·        A future reference share- is anyone reducing reference hours?

Reference Shares / Problems.

HML asked if anyone was charging for programs or events, as their Foundation was considering charging.  A few libraries would charge in a limited way, under special circumstances, or for FOL events (fundraisers).  Most said they never charged.


Respectfully submitted,

Jean Chapin, HML

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