Ref Committee Meeting Minutes: Feb 2012

February 28, 2012, 2:00 pm

At Monterey Peninsula College
Present: Jean Chapin (HML), Deborah Ruiz (MPC), Sharon Freed (MCFL), Pamela Jungerberg (MIIS), Inga Labeaune (MPL), Sarah Harbison (SCPL), Kathy Norton (NPS)

Recorder – Kathy Norton
Approval of January 2012 minutes – moved, seconded, passed
Additions to agenda – ILL policy/practices


Jean shared about Galicia group.  “Why sharing ILS makes sense.”  The program is called FulfILLment.   It’s an ILL system similar to Link+.  Open source.  Coming in April.  White paper available for viewing.


Admin Council:

Jean passed on to Admin Council what we had done to date.  The Admin Council is in process if reviewing strategic goals and action plans, and revised their bylaws.


Tech Comm:

Tech comm put instructions on how to use video equipment and sample release forms on the MOBAC site.


ILL Comm:

Sent out a survey to count items starting March 5 for 2 weeks.  They want data so they can get quotes from other companies.  To investigate alternatives to current delivery service. To find out if MOBAC can survive without PLP.


SPLAMBA: no report


MOBAC Strategic Plan workgroups:  No report



Inga (MPL) shared about the Searching for Democracy/California Reads program featuring the book Farewell to Manzanar and gave brief summary of activities covering time period, Feb. 26 – May 19.  There is a subject guide on their website.


Old Business:

Social Media Social. March 9.  9-12. Street parking available.

Talked about having a flip chart to sign in what media you use, and giving a thumbs up or down next to each.

List of possible questions to stimulate conversation if needed.  Jean will share this list with Mary.

What posts have generated response?

How much staff time does it take?  One person? How is it structured?

Ref questions on FB?

Pinterest.  How can it be used for libs?

How would you improve it?

What are the pitfalls?

Inappropriate postings.

Do you have a soc media policy?

Have you tried something and then abandoned it?


Mary has budget of  $50 for refreshments which does not need to be approved.  Submit invoice to Donna Truong?


Beyond Print Workshop 2012.

Listened to proposal from Kathryn Webb, MPC’s Tech Comm. rep, about collaborating/coordinating workshops. 

Tech comm wants to partner with us to do program, probably in May (depending on the space).  Theirs doesn’t have to be on a Friday.  They just wanted to make the offer, to allow people to have the option of coming to either or both of the workshops.  Their topic:  the “back end” of the Grateful Dead Archive.


We decided it wouldn’t work for us to have it on the same day.  Many would find it difficult to get the entire day off, and the topics wouldn’t really work well together.


Presenters for our workshop:  Inga, Beata, Jean, someone from Cabrillo (Laura? Jean will ask), someone from UCSC (Jean will ask)

Date:  Thursday, April 26, 9-12

Place:  Seaside Branch.  to be confirmed by Sharon Freed



Sharon will make a flyer.  She will decide if RSVPs are necessary.


Database Evaluation Progress

Inga gave an update.

Inga is waiting for the form, which will be sent out after March 9.

Choose 3 dbs except Novelist and you get EBSCO discovery for free for 3 yrs.

PLP will not negotiate for academic libraries.


Vice Chair Position

Inga (MPL) will replace Mary Housel as Vice Chair.  In August, she will be Chair, and Kathy Norton (NPS) will be Vice Chair.  I (Kathy) realized after posting these minutes, that I need to take some time to seriously consider my other work/time commitments at my library, to see if I can, in good conscience, fully commit to the vice chair and subsequent chair position.   I will let everyone know at the next Ref committee meeting.


Survey of Publicly Available Technologies

Reminder to update by August.  Jean will send out instructions on how to edit WordPress.


List of Non-MOBAC Libraries

Doing great.   If you know museums, pls add.  Museums with libraries. Needed by August.  Tri-county wide. List them, but strike through if not available.


Database Alternatives

Send usage stats to Jean soon.  Gale for publics, and Access Science for academics.


New Business

Prioritized List of Needs

Of the monetary services MOBAC provides, give the Admin Council a list of our prioritized needs, from a reference perspective:

  1. Databases
  2. Workshops
  3. Delivery


We also desire: No plan of service.  Stabilize the decision (whether or not to stay in PLP).


We are not interested in a Text-A-Librarian demo.


Reference Shares/Problems

Talked about LibGuides software by SpringShare.

Talked about mobile sites.  Monterey uses Library Anywhere mobile app.  NPS uses homegrown.

Ask Jean about getting CA phone books for free.


News from Libraries


Next Meeting

At MIIS.  Street parking available for 2 hours at a time.  The lot takes quarters.

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