Ref Committee: Strategic Plan, 2010-2013

Strategic Planning Process ~ 2010 – 2013
Planning Session with the
Reference Committee
February 23, 2010
Watsonville Library



What Can Be Improved?

  1. Communication with/from the Administrative Council (AC) and other committees:
    • It is helpful to have an AC representative at committee meetings. It is recommended that AC committee representatives have backup person (another AC member) who can attend when the AC representative cannot;
    • Post committee minutes on the website;
    • Committee chairs could share minutes or brief meeting summaries;
    • Committee members could join lists of other committees;
    • Committee members could share minutes within their libraries (e.g., keeping minutes at the Reference Desk);
    • There is need for a centralized master calendar for all the committees;
    • Use social networking tools (open, with easy access), if everyone can agree on one. It may be best to improve the design and maintenance of the MOBAC intranet and to use it as the communication tool of all committees.
  2. Hold meetings at sites with wireless internet access;
  3. One card for patron access to all libraries;
  4. More information about MOBAC to patrons;
  5. Coordination around service schedules (closed days);
  6. Is it time to reconsider the name? (It is the Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System, but “MOBAC” excludes the word “library”).

Hopes for the Future

  1. Continue committee meetings / direct interaction.
  2. Continue to provide funding for committees and training.
  3. Continue:
    • CalCat
    • Resource sharing
    • Delivery service
  4. Reduce the cost of databases.
  5. Provide videoconferencing options for out-of-region and in-region training.
  6. Centralized reference service (local second level); more information about the PLS Reference service and their operation.
  7. A Local History Committee.
  8. A Circulation Committee.
  9. Shared digitized collections (opportunities through the California Digital Library – State grants?)
  10. Restored ILL services at all member libraries. Explore lending limits to control costs (e.g., 5 per year, per patron).

Concerns for the Future

Priorities for Next Two Years

Resource Sharing

Most Valuable:

Improve / Share in the Future:


Vision for Resource Sharing Environment

Professional Development – Interests of this Committee

Mission of Committee


Frequency of Meeting

Monthly (10 a year) is still valuable. Meetings are very effective for communications and resource sharing.

Communication with Administrative Council

Communication/Relationship with Other Committees

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