Administrative Council Minutes: August 2012

MOBAC Administrative Council

Friday, August 17, 2012

9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Monterey County Free Library

Castroville Branch

11160 Speegle Street

Castroville, CA 95012

Action Minutes



Janet Bombard (HML), Georg Romero (CAB), Kathleen Hanselmann (DLI), Kim Bui-Burton (MPL), Doug Achterman (GAV), Peter Liu (MIIS)


Don Gardner (SAL), Garland Thompson (SAL), Inga Labeaune (MPL), Douglas Holtzman (MPL), Donna Truong (MOBAC), Cathy Andrews (MCFL)


Proxy: Kim Bui-Burton for Teresa Landers (SCL) and Lisa Maddalena (PAC), Georg Romero for Peggy Mayfield (HCL)


The August 17, 2012 meeting was held at the Monterey County Free Library, Castroville Branch and chaired by Romero.


1.         Agenda: Agenda approved as distributed (Hanselmann/Bui-Burton).

2.         Minutes: April 20, 2012 approved as distributed (Hanselmann/Bui-Burton).

3.        Don Gardner and Garland Thompson presented Autism PSA with the presenter Laurie Nielsen and workshop video from SPLAMBA. The materials will be available to all MOBAC members.

4.       PLP Update: Liu reported that PLP had an Executive Committee meeting at end of July. Budget for FY 12/13 was approved with additional funding from CLSA. With CLSA fund to subsidize delivery cost, there will be $150,000 allocated for innovation grants. CLSA fund may be used for other projects such as “Print on Demand” or Califa ebook collection. This will be a topic for MOBAC Council at the next meeting. There will be a Print on Demand demo at April meeting if it can be arranged.

5.      Action Plan: There was confusion about Committee/Community of Interest. Until clarified, all committees will comply with Brown Act. Truong will check with PLP attorney for legal opinion. MOBACinfo listserv will be created for members to share info, ideas and training/workshops.

6.      ILL Committee Task Force on Courier Services. Delivery options were discussed. Truong will ask for cost of  2 days/week for libraries who currently have 3 days/week delivery. ILL report will be reviewed in depth at the next meeting.

7.   Non-MOBAC libraries discussion: Reference Committee provided a list of libraries in the MOBAC region who are not MOBAC members. Truong will check with PLP for associate membership and benefits since MOBAC membership fees tie in with PLP’s.

8.  Literacy Task Force: Next Council meeting will determine if Literacy remains task force or becomes committee.


Agenda building:

  • Print on Demand discussion
  • Committee vs. Community of Interest
  • Literary Task force becomes committee
  • Action Plan update
  • ILL recommendations
  • Quote from Kalwest for 2-day delivery
  • Annual committee reports
  • PLP associate membership


Next MOBAC Council meeting: Harrison Memorial Library, October 12,  2012

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