Admin Council Minutes, December 2011

MOBAC Administrative Council

Friday, December 9, 2011

9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Harrison Memorial Library-Park Branch

Local History Department

Mission Street & Sixth Avenue

Carmel, CA

Action Minutes



Janet Bombard (HML), Georg Romero (CAB), Jayanti Addleman (MCO), Lisa Maddalena (PGPL), Eleanor Uhlinger (NPS), Kim Bui-Burton (MPL), Peter Liu (MIIS), Nora Conte (SBL), Teresa Landers (SCL), Ginny Steel (UCSC)



Jean Chapin (HML), Wendy Kay (SBL), Mary Ellison (SPL) and Donna Truong (MOBAC)


Proxy: Georg Romero for (CAB) for Peggy Mayfield (HLP)

Mary Ellison (SPL) for Elizabeth Martinez (SPL)


The December 9, 2011 meeting was held at the Park Branch of Harrison Memorial Library chaired by Bombard/Romeo.


1.         Agenda: Agenda approved as distributed (Landers/Uhlinger)

2.         Minutes: August 12, 2011 approved as distributed (Bui-Burton/Addleman)

3.       Retreat-Follow-up

We will accomplish the various phases of the MOBAC Retreat solution by January 2013


ITEM                                                                                       ACTION / ASSIGNMENT

P – Identify delivery alternatives  (include status quo)                  ILL Committee, plus representative from MPL

Y -Review cost of administrative services                                   Admin Council / Janet & Georg

W – Identify database alternatives  (include per-use cost,             Ref Committee
per-use statistics, how much it costs to be part of

V – Identify ILL alternatives (include status quo)                           ILL Committee

AB – Identify needs                                                                    Admin Council – February meeting

AC – Consult with other systems that are going it alone               Donna will find out if ok to ask other systems after Council has discussed  item AB

AD – Establish sustainable financing                                          AD – R  =  April 2012 Admin Council     Agenda item

AX – Maintain or grow the fund balance

X –  Charge registration fees for workshops

R – Review membership formula

BE – Identify libraries that are not members of MOBAC               Ref Committee

BF – Invite / encourage libraries to become members                  Future Admin Council Agenda item, after we know our direction

  • After August 2012, Admin Council will discuss going it alone as an agenda item.
  • Kim and Georg will look at the issue of charging for workshops.
  • ROI studies will include cost of the service, cost per item, turnaround time.  They will be an analysis of cost, benefit and efficiency.

4. PLP Update – PLP Executive will meet on January 30th, after the budget update from the Governor in early January.

5.  By-Laws:  There are many changes in the By-laws. This item will be on the next agenda for approval.

6.  Worldcat/Calcat Update- Donna renewed the Worldcat/Calcat agreement with OCLC. The State Library will pay for WorldCat thru June 30, 2012. There are three libraries that decided to renew the CalCat subscription.

7.  Website Update- Current Vice Chair will be responsible for updating admin contents. All Committees should update their own items minutes, meeting dates, calendar and workshops.

8.   Discussion of attendance at committee meetings by Admin Council. Chair or Alternate will try to attend the committee meetings. If chair/alternate is unavailable, e-mail will be sent to see if other directors can attend the committee meeting.


Agenda building: By-Laws, Califa Update, committee structure.

Next MOBAC Council meeting: San Benito Public Library, February 10,2012




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