Technology Committee Minutes: October 2012

MOBAC Technology Committee
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month
2012/13 Chair: Stephanie Staley, Cabrillo

Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2:00 p.m.
Monterey Peninsula College Library

Attending: Ashlee Wright (Harrison), Melanie Barney (Aiso), Steve Watkins (CSUMB), Catherine Webb (MPC), Stephanie Staley (Cabrillo), Tiffany Mair (MCFL), Deborah Stephens (Hartnell)

  1. Today’s recorder:  Deborah Stephens
  2. Agenda Review: Added “Public Comment”
  3. Sept. 19 minutes approved
  4. Admin Council Report on October 12 meeting
    The discussion of committees vs. communities of interest continues. Committees should currently follow the Brown Act re: posting the agenda and allowing public comment. We decided to remove information/resource sharing from the formal agenda, as that discussion is more appropriately conducted as a “community of interest.”
    The Tech Committee’s annual report was submitted; we did not receive an answer to our question re: additional funding for a second workshop.
  5. Hands-on workshop
    The workshop is scheduled for Feb. 1, 9am – 12, at Cabrillo, pending approval from the presenter. She quoted $375 for the 3 hours, which leaves us $125 for morning refreshments. Steve and Tiffany volunteered to be the video team.
  6. New Technologies workshop
    We brainstormed ideas on the topic of tools for digital collections. Ashlee is willing to offer a presentation on the [i]cell interactive kiosk. Tiffany will contact someone about the Scan Jose smartphone walking tour. The workshop is planned for late April/early May.
  7. New business
    We agreed to add  a sub-item to future agendas asking for a volunteer to attend the Admin Council meeting. This will occur after the Admin Council report. Deborah will attend the December meeting at Hartnell.
  8. Public Comment – none
  9. Information/Resource Sharing – moved to end of meeting
  10. Next business meeting – 11/28/12
  11. Next business meeting location – CSUMB


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