Technology Committee Minutes: May 2012

MOBAC Technology Committee
2012-2013 Chair: Stephanie Staley, Cabrillo College

DRAFT Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2012
Cabrillo College Library

Members attending: , Tiffany Mair (MCFL), Steve Watkins (CSUMB), Doug Holtzman (MPL), Catherine Webb (MPC), Stacy DeMatteo (NPS), Stephanie Staley (Cabrillo), Pam Poandl (Cabrillo), Deborah Stephens (Watsonville) and Chris Ricker (MCFL)

1. Today’s Recorder – Catherine Webb

2. Agenda Review and Approval – Approved with 1 addition: (1) Representative for June Admin Council meeting (see * below)

3. Approve Minutes from last meeting – Approved with no corrections.

* Representative for June Admin Council Meeting

  • – Doug Holtzman will attend the June Admin Council meeting (on June 8, 2012) as the Tech committee representative.  It is anticipated that there may be some interesting discussion regarding WorldCat, as PLP has asked libraries to decide whether they will continue subscribing before June 1.

4. Next meeting begins third Wednesday of the month rotation

  • Reminder that our meeting date will change in June to the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
  • Possible meeting locations: Chris and Tiffany will check to see if Castroville or Marina are available.  If not, Catherine will host at MPC.
  • No July meeting; we will have a combined July/August meeting on August 15.

5. GDOA workshop June 1 – final prep

  • Not sure how many people will be in attendance, so not sure how to plan for refreshments. So far, only 12 people have confirmed — but this was advertised to PLP libraries, too.  Turnout could be large.  We’ll buy refreshments for 50 just in case.
  • Steve will be helping with the setup of the virtual conference, and will need someone to handle video recording.  (Stacy and Tiffany volunteered to work together on this).  We will have one laptop for the presenters, and Pam will bring a second laptop to turn toward the audience so that the presenters can see, too.
  • Steve will get presenter bios, and handle introductions of the speakers.
  • Reminder: parking will be mostly in lot C.

6. New Business

  • Next workshop topic could be something around usability, using the presenter from the DIY Usability workshop that Stacy attended last month.  She (the presenter) is an archivist for the Wells Fargo Museum — Stacy has contact information, and will look into whether she would be willing to do a workshop for us (and what she might charge).  We could do a morning session and a hands-on session in the afternoon, if funds allow.

7. Information/Resource sharing and news from the libraries

8. Next Business Meeting – May 24th at Castroville, Marina, or MPC (watch the listserv for updates on location).

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