Technology Committee Minutes: March 22, 2012

MOBAC Technology Committee
2011-2012 Chair: Eric Mitchell, UCSC


Meeting Minutes
March 22, 2012
Watsonville Public  Library

Members attending: Eric Mitchell (UCSC), Tiffany Mair (MCFL), Steve Watkins (CSUMB), Deborah Stephens (WPL)

  1. Today’s recorder – Deborah
  2. Agenda Review – approved
  3. Approve Minutes from last meeting – approved [minor corrections to attendee list]
  4. Spring Workshop, GDAO – still need a location. Perhaps try to hold it after the school year has ended? Eric will check with Stephanie about availability of Cabrillo Horticulture Center June 1st.
  5. New business – MOBAC Strategic Plan tasks, any issues still outstanding? Need to formalize the procedure for archiving videos on CSUMB server. Tiffany will send her notes on the specific requirements to Deborah, who will write something up.
  6. Information/resource sharing and news from the libraries
  7. Next business meeting is: April 26
  8. Next business meeting place: Tiffany will check on Marina
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