Technology Committee Minutes: Jul 2011

MOBAC Technology Committee

2011-12 Chair: Eric Mitchell, UCSC

Meeting Minutes
July 28, 2011
McHenry Library, UC Santa Cruz

Members attending: Deborah Lipoma (Santa Cruz PL), Deborah Stephens (Watsonville PL), Pam Poandl (Cabrillo College), Eric Mitchell (UCSC), Catherine Webb (Monterey Peninsula College), Steve Watkins (CSU Monterey Bay)

  1. Today’s minute taker:  Steve Watkins
  2. Agenda review: none added
  3. Approval of minutes of the June meeting: approved as submitted
  4. Future Technology and Hands-on Workshops:
    For the fall Hands-on Workshop, which will focus on the use of the new equipment purchased by MOBAC to make video recordings of programs and workshops, it was decided to split the program into two sessions. The morning session will focus on equipment setup, staging and recording, while the afternoon session will cover basic editing and uploading of the finished video. Friday, October 7 is the preferred date, but September 30 or 23 could also work, depending on the availability of the workshop presenter. Catherine will check on the availability of the MPC library’s main computer lab for the afternoon session, as well as a more open room for the morning recording session. With two complements of equipment, the number of attendees probably needs to be capped at about 20, with priority going to one person from each member library having the opportunity and also members of MOBAC committees that sponsor programs that will need to be recorded in the future. Steve will ask at CSUMB and Eric at UCSC to see if one of the media services staff would be able to present the workshop. Since the computer lab will only have one operating system platform for editing, attendees should be encouraged to bring their own laptops if they are a preferred platform. 

    Eric introduced a new idea for a late spring Future Technology Workshop, which would be on the online Grateful Dead archive which is slated to go live in April 2012. Both the technology infrastructure and issues of digital curation might be covered, along with the applicability of such a project to other local efforts that aim to incorporate community input and content contributions.

  5. Information/resource sharing and news from the libraries
  6. Next business meeting is: Thursday, August 25, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
  7. Next business meeting location: Steve will enquire about room availability at CSUMB
  8. Adjournment followed by tour of the newly refurbished McHenry Library


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