Technology Committee Minutes: Dec 2010

MOBAC Technology Committee Meeting

Thursday, December 16, 2010
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
MCFL Admin Office

Deborah Stephens, Watsonville PL
Pam Poandl, Cabrillo College
Stephanie Staley, Cabrillo College
Stacy DeMatteo, Salinas PL
Ann Hubble, UCSC
David Meyer, UCSC
Chris Ricker, Monterey County Free Libraries
Jennifer Fellguth, Hartnell College

  1. Minutes taken by DM
  2. Agenda was approved, no additions or changes
  3. Meetings from last meeting were approved
  4. Administrative Council Report. Jayanti made a cameo appearance and reported that there is some controversy over the new proposed fees imposed on MOBAC members for participation in PLP. There will be a special meeting called in January to discuss the new MOBAC fees. New simplified committee report form proposed by George Romero and approved with a few minor changes.
  5. Discussion: Future Technology/Hands-on Workshop.Stephanie finished the flyer and distributed it.

    Lora requested an IPad to VGA connector for her short demo in the morning. A few people will check into getting one. Cabrillo may be able to get one along with an iPad in January.

    Stephanie is checking into box lunches because Cabrillo is closed.

    Discussed what we should offer participants for a stipend. Steve Watkins should be offered $300 for doing the 45 minute talk in the morning and a 2 hour hands-on session in the afternoon.

    We decided to offer $100 for those presenting 45 minute sessions in the morning. Steven Silveria indicated that he didn’t want any reimbursement.

    In February, we will review the evals and start discussing new workshops.

  6. Study: Recording and archiving training sessionsThe Future Technology presentation in the morning will be recorded. Salinas PL will supply the video equipment.

    Discussed recommendation we can make to the Admin Council Question about whether we want to beef up the audio for recorded workshops by using a mixer and mic(s) (to be acquired by MOBAC). For the time being, we will do a simple recording from a camera on a tripod. Later, we will see if the Admin council wants to go with a more elaborate setup.

    Also discussed how we will store and deliver the video. We can put the video files on the MOBAC website. We can also look into setting up a streaming server, such as Kaltura CE for a more permanent solution. Could also use iTunes U.

  7. New Business. Potential future workshop topics: computer security, accessibility
  8. Information/resource sharing and news from the libraries
  9. The next meeting will be held on Feb. 17, 2011, meeting place: TBD.
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