Technology Committee Minutes: August 2011

MOBAC Technology Committee

2011-12 Chair: Eric Mitchell, UCSC

Meeting Minutes
August 25, 2011
CSU Monterey Bay Library

Members attending: Stacy DeMatteo (NPS), Doug Holtzman (MPL), Deborah Lipoma (SCPL), Tiffany Mair (MCFL), Eric Mitchell (UCSC), Chris Ricker (MCFL), Deborah Stephens (WPL), Steve Watkins (CSUMB), Catherine Webb (MPC)

  1. Minute taker: Deborah Stephens
  2. Agenda review: Admin report added
  3. Minutes from last meeting: approved
  4. Admin report:
    OCLC Task Force: A meeting with the OCLC representative is scheduled for 9/2/11 at Watsonville Public. The meeting will cover what we currently pay for, and what services we have.
    The Task Force is reviewing the survey responses regarding what we need to have, reference and resource sharing are primary. Send any suggestions to Catherine.
  5. New website:
    Steve demonstrated updating the new MOBAC website. Remember the site uses pages, not posts.
  6. Recording and archiving training sessions:
    Most equipment has been purchased; cases and SD cards are still needed. A suggestion was made to record the set-up process during the Hands On workshop.
  7. Hands On workshop:
    A room is reserved at MPC for all possible dates. Steve will ask Jeff McCall from CSUMB to present. Stephanie Staley was volunteered (in absentia) to create the flyer.
  8. Information/resource sharing
  9. Next business meeting is September 22nd, Watsonville Public Library, Meeting Room
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