Technology Committee Minutes: April 2013

MOBAC Technology Committee
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month
2012/13 Chair: Stephanie Staley, Cabrillo

Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2:00 p.m.

Attending: Ashlee Wright (Harrison), Steve Watkins (CSUMB), Stephanie Staley (Cabrillo), Deborah Stephens (Hartnell), Doug Holtzman (MPL), Chris Ricker (MCFL), Catherine Webb (MPC), and Randall Vevea (Watsonville)

1. Today’s Recorder: Ashlee Wright

2. Agenda Review

3. The minutes for the March meeting were lost, but no actions were taken as it was a smaller than average group in attendance

4. Admin. Council Report from Doug Holtzman:

The annual PLP meeting will be held at the Santa Clara City Library. The keynote speaker will be the head of CENIC.

The Admin. Council has reviewed its strategic plan and finds that most goals have been achieved and that it is time for a new plan.

The expense request for the MOBAC Tech Future/New Technology/ies workshop was approved.

Dues will be raised further in the upcoming years. Libraries who cannot afford this will be subsidized.

Discussion about OCLC contracts was placed on the agenda for next time.

The ILL committee is not keen on the new OCLC interface.

The Reference workshop on iPads went well and they have another upcoming workshop in May on reference statistics.

CLSN funding is reduced and there will be no funding for reference. The funds can only be used for communication and delivery.

SCPL looking for commercial ILS.

Though it did not get placed on the last admin council meeting, Tech committee discussed the legality and advisability of maintaining a quorum and the best way to do that. Admin. Council utilizes proxies sometimes. Would this be advisable for the Tech committee or should the names of members who do not regularly attend be stricken from the roster? Also in question is whether the Tech committee’s quorum should be based upon regular average attendance or the membership roster? Stephanie will contact directors of members libraries who do not send some regularly, if at all and encourage them to do so. It is the Tech committee’s hope that Admin. Council will be able to offer some direction on this matter in the future.

5. The Future/New Technology/ies workshop was very well received and the panel format was popular as well as the variety of the content of the presentations, according to the survey results.

6. We are beginning brainstorming for the next hands-on workshop. We discussed the idea of doing a hands-on workshop where members from the tech committee, who are willing, will go to libraries that need it and actually fix problems or make recommendations for the best course of action to deal with webpage issues, aging technology, etc. We discussed a workshop on dealing with aging technology. We also discussed a “writing for the web workshop,” which would tie-in with our usability workshop. Steve and Catherine both may have potential presenters for this. Keep brainstorming!

7. No new business.

8. Public Comment – None

9. Next business meeting is : May 15, 2013

10. Next business meeting place is : Cabrillo

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