Technology Committee Meeting: September 18, 2013

MOBAC Technology Committee

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month

September 18, 2013 from 2:00 to 4:00

Monterey County Free Libraries – Marina Branch


Attending: Chris Ricker(Marina); Kris Amaral(SPL); Mayra Ortiz(Watsonville); Deborah Stephens(Hartnell), Monica Wilmot (Monterey Institute of International Studies); Ashlee Wright (HML); Catherine Webb(MPC)


  1. Recorder: Kris Amaral (SPL)
  2. Agenda Review
  3. No admin council report
  4. Writing for Web Workshop October 18th, 2013. Let Ashlee know if you will be attending. Considering raffle book prizes for about Writing on on the web. Funds are available. Kris will email Stacey about what books to purchase. Send email to Ashlee if have ideas for more hands-on workshops and we can discuss at future meetings.
  5. Discussion of Annual report elements (due in October): talk of replicating workshops for other PLP libraries;what will MOBAC look like with no money(attendance fees?); clarification on Brown Act procedures?; Attend MOBAC strategic planning session in February 2014; solutions to admin reps coming to meetings? (Available by phone?).  If you think of anything else, email Ashlee. Ashlee will submit Annual Report to Donna  before next Admin meeting. Release forms needed for presenters on MOBAC website.
  6. New Business-none
  7. Next business meeting is: Wednesday the 20th of November.
  8. Next business meeting place: MIIS


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