Technology Committee Meeting – September 16, 2015

MOBAC Technology Committee
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month

2015/16 Co-Chairs: Glenn Tozier (MPC), Kristen Cardoso (MIIS)

September 16th, 2015 from 2:00 – 4:00
William Tell Coleman Library, MIIS

425 Van Buren St. Monterey, CA 93940


Present: Stacy DeMatteo (NPS), Stephanie Staley (Cabrillo), Kristen Cardoso (MIIS), Deborah Stephens (Hartnell), Glenn Tozier (MPC).


  1. Today’s recorder: Glenn Tozier
  2. Agenda review: Approved
  3. Minutes of the August 12th meeting approved with additions
  4. Admin Council report: Admin council did not meet
  5. MOBAC Regional Catalog survey
  • Survey was created and publicized; we’re waiting for Steve Watkins to get back from vacation for the results of the survey.
  1. Annual Report
  • Annual report was approved and will be submitted to Eleanor Uhlinger
  1. New business
  • Ideas for this year’s workshop were discussed. Ideas included managing web presence and writing for the internet.
  • Zoom Teleconference software: We’re waiting for Steve Watkins to return for accounts to be set up. Stacy will work on drafting guidelines for use, instructions, and device requirements.
  • Listserv: we passed around a list of people registered on the MOBACTECH listserv and crossed out names of folks who have retired or are no longer at MOBAC libraries.
  1. Public comment: None
  2. Next business meeting is: October 21st
  3. Next business meeting place: Cabrillo



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