Technology Committee Meeting: March 19, 2014

MOBAC Technology Committee
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month

2013/14 Co-Chairs: Stacey DeMatteo, Naval Post-Graduate School

Ashlee Wright, Harrison Memorial Library


March 19th from 2:00 to 4:00

Cabrillo College Library

Attendance: Deborah Stephens (Hartnell), Chris Ricker (MCFL), Monica Wilcot (MIIS), Stephanie Staley (Cabrillo)

Meeting Minutes

  1. Today’s recorder:  Stephanie Staley
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Approve minutes from last meeting: Minutes approved.
  4. Sign-up sheet for meeting hosting: Sign-up sheet sent around. Still need hosts for 05/21/2014, 01/21/2015, 04/15/2015, 05/20/2015, 06/17/2015. Monica (MIIS) signed up for 04/16/14 and Stephanie signed up for 11/19/14. This list is at the direction of MOBAC Admin.
  5. Hands on workshop planning:
    1. Chris Ricker announced that speakers have been confirmed: John Perry Barlow and Deborah Caldwell-Stone, who is the deputy director of the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee. The committee decided to ask Jayanti Addleman, Monterey County Free Libraries to participate as a third member of the panel discussion member. Speakers will speak for free and will provide own transportation. MOBAC will provide one night’s lodging. The committee chose Seascape Resort. Steve Watkins has volunteered to drive speakers to the event from Seascape, if necessary. Chris will consult with speakers and make arrangements with Seascape Resort.
    2. Chris Ricker or Jayanti Addleman will introduce the speakers. Can Steve Watkins facilitate the panel discussion? Deborah Stephens volunteered to do videography (Stacy DeMateo as backup?). Stephanie Staley will take care of light breakfast refreshments and coffee/tea. Monica Wilmot will set up a Gmail registration account. We talked about sending relevant documents for pre-workshop reading to attendees.
    3. Budget for event: $400 for each room for a total of $800. $150.00 for refreshments. Lunch was discussed but not in detail. Will discuss further at April meeting. Chris informed us that the deadline to request additional funds is March 24.
    4. Survey netted 18 responses. We reviewed the responses and decided to develop pre-set questions for the panel discussion which we will write at the April meeting. Chris asked Bui-Burton to send Save-the-date email and survey to PLP. Chris also will send guiding documents to speakers.
    5. Stephanie discussed new procedures for reserving rooms at Cabrillo. Room is large so we discussed contacting local newspapers. We discussed the flyer and other aspects of publicity. The date of this event (May 2) fall within the ALA’s “Choose Privacy” week, which is May 1 -7 (
    6. Revised workshop schedule:
      1. 9:00-9:30am Arrival / Coffee / Refreshments
      2. 9:30am – 10:15 Start/ Intro / ALA Intellectual Freedom representative
      3. 10:15am – 11:00 Keynote speaker: John Perry Barlow
      4. 11:00 – 11:15am Break
      5. 11:15am – 12:15pm Panel discussion: John Perry Barlow, ALA Intellectual Freedom representative, Jayanti Addleman. Steve Watkins to facilitate?
      6. 12:30 pm  Lunch
  6. New business: none
  7. Public Comment: none
  8. Next business meeting is:  Wednesday, April 16, 2014
  9. Next business meeting place: Monterey Institute of International Studies




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