Technology Committee Meeting


Technology Committee Meeting — June 19, 2019 — Moss Landing

Co-chairs: Kris Amaral (MCFL) and Deborah Stephens (HCL)
Today’s Note Taker: Kris Amaral (MCFL)
Attendees: Kris Amaral (MCFL), Deborah Stephens (HCL), Katie O’Connell (HML), Kristen Cardoso (UCSC), Alicia Martinez (WPL), Glenn Tozier (MPC), and Stacy Dematteo (NPS)
Old Business Agenda Review: N/A, no meeting last month Approve minutes from last meeting: N/A
Workshop Review: Reviewed survey.
What went well? Many liked the hands on aspect (playing with items, demos); time to talk to presenters and tables about ideas, problems, and pitfalls, informative and fun, getting a chance to see what other libraries are doing, variety of presenters, take away presentations and slips of paper, presentations (Digital Nest, MCFL), loved grapes and coffee, having workshop in person and not digitally
What can we improve? Many people surveyed wanted more food options (vegan, vegetarian, and protein options); sound system was a concern also. Some mentioning wanting more time to talk to presenters. Too short, room too cold, some presenters strayed from focus, not enough hands on time (put hands on in the middle), more demos at the tables
Ideas for next workshop: Digital literacy, beginning coding for librarians, how to combat cyber-bullying, how to spot a phone/Internet scam, outreach, animation workshop, lego stem activities, more focus in implementation or collaboration vs here’s the cool stuff we do here, new software that speeds up routine computer tasks(speech or handwriting text, improvements to Office Suites), parent/child interaction in makerspace, how to handle difficult situations that arise while providing public service, how to best set up makerspace in the library and promoting events, high tech partnerships with libraries (from ALA Future of Libraries website), tech and teen programming
MOBAC Reports: None to report
New Business: We nominated and confirmed our new co-chairs for the committee: Kristen Cardoso and Katie O’Connell. Their term will start July 2019. It was discussed that next nomination cycle should be 2 people who have not served in the past. Kristen has served before about 2 years ago. Dates for next meeting: It was discussed that Glenn, Kristen, and Katie would check to see if they can host.
Public comment: none
Next business meeting place: August 21, 2019 2-4pm- HML
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