Technology Committee Meeting – January 11th DRAFT Minutes



Ellie Anderson, David Kuhn, in for Kim Smith; Glenn Tozier, Kristen Cardoso, Katie O’Connell, Stacy DeMatteo, Stacey Wiens
  1. Today’s recorder: Glenn Tozier
  2. Agenda review: Approved as is
  3. Approve minutes from last meeting: Approved
  4. Admin Council report: Current format of MOBAC website: folks find it hard to use
    • Tech committee: is this something that we should look into
      • talk about what we should do: more training?
      • What is “hard” about our site?
    • YouTube channel:
      • request an annual email reminder about cameras, etc. might be a good idea for the website too
  5. Workshop discussion:
    • Workshop date: April 28th? Marina? 9 refreshments, 9:30 start time; 45 minute presentations?
      • Google analytics (Karen)
      • Security best practices (Stacy)
      • Password manager (Glenn)
  6. New business: none
  7. Public comment: none
  8. Next business meeting is: Feb. 15th
  9. Next business meeting place: MPC
  10. Watched Web tutorial
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