Technology Committee Meeting


Technology Committee Meeting – August 15, 2018 – MCFL Castroville

MOBAC Technology Committee Agenda
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month
August 15, 2018- 2-4pm

Location: Castroville Branch Library
1160 Speegle St, Castroville, CA 95012

Co-Chairs: Kris Amaral (MCFL), Deborah Stephens (HCL)

Today’s recorder: Kristen Cardoso (MIIS)

Attendees: Kris Amaral (MCFL), Deborah Stephens (HCL), Kim Smith (MPL), Alicia Martinez (WPL), Kristen Cardoso (MIIS), Kathlene Hanson (CSUMB)

Old Business
Agenda review: No changes
Approve minutes from last meeting: Approved

MOBAC Reports: 
  1. Administrative Council:
  2. Reference Committee:
  4. Literacy Committee:
New Business Committee Members Update- Kris Amaral
  • Kris emailed everyone on the list and only heard from Kathlene. It was decided that Kris would make an announcement about libraries without representation on the Tech Committee, which currently includes PGPL, SCPL, UCSC, Gavilan, DLI, SBPL, and SJBPL.
Sign-Up for new fiscal year meetings
  • The next meeting on September 19th will be held at WPL. The October and November meetings were rescheduled due to Internet Librarian and Thanksgiving. The October 24th meeting will be at Hartnell, and the November 28th meeting will be at MPL. Kris will send a sign-up sheet for the rest of the year to everyone via email.
Annual Report
  • Kris began a draft of the annual report, which she shared in print with members who were present, and later via email to everyone. It was agreed to keep the answer to the third question as it was without changes. Alicia asked for her name to be added to the list of active committee members. Kris also asked Deborah to check and see if the presentation videos from the November workshop were available on the MOBAC YouTube channel.
Discuss Workshop Date and Topic
  • The committee discussed hosting a workshop in the spring, potentially on Friday, April 5th, 12th, or 26th. Kris proposed an idea for another hands-on workshop about makerspaces. It could be especially helpful for people who are worried about getting one started who tend to think you need a huge space and a lot of tech. Kristen asked if we could visit a makerspace instead of inviting a speaker. Kris mentioned she was interested in learning more about the San Francisco Public Library’s Tech Van, and Alicia thought maybe the Tech Van could come down to us for a workshop. Kris said she would investigate whether or not that would be possible.
  • Deborah reminded the committee that we had previously discussed doing a workshop on navigating relationships between IT and libraries. We’re not sure who we would ask, but it could be interesting to have a panel discussion. The potential need to request more funding for several speakers was discussed. Kris said it is now possible to ask at any Admin Council meeting for funding, but Deborah thought that the requests would still only go to PLP twice a year.
ADA Website Compliance Best Practices Plan
  • The committee discussed whether or not we should do some homework and discuss further at our next meeting. Deborah thought maybe we could put together a list of common pitfalls, such as converting PDFs to HTML instead of uploading PDFs and ensuring their accessibility. Deborah suggested seeing in had an accessibility workshop that we could all watch together. Kris thought that was a good idea and asked her to take a look. Otherwise, it was agreed we would all take a look at what plans already exist out there before committing to creating our own.

Public comment: None

Next business meeting place:  September 19– 2-4pm- Location: Watsonville Public Library

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