Draft Minutes: September 17, 2014

Draft Minutes— September 17, 2014 —

MOBAC Technology Committee
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month

2014/15 Co-Chairs: Stacey DeMatteo, Naval Post-Graduate School

Ashlee Wright, Harrison Memorial Library

September 17, 2014 from 2:00 to 4:00

Monterey County Free Libraries, Administrative Offices

188 Seaside Circle, Marina Ca 93933

Present: Stacey DeMatteo, NPS; Ashlee Wright, HML; Chris Ricker, MCFL; Katharine Dixon, SPL; Deborah Stephens, HCL


  1. Today’s recorder: Deborah Stephens
  2. Agenda Review – add question about the library services survey from Georg
  3. Approve Minutes from last meeting – approved
  4. Admin Council
    • PLP update – CLA opens additional funds proposal, but not available to academic. Technology Innovation grant opening soon.
    • ILL Committee webpage with help topics regarding new OCLC interface is up.
    • Literacy campaign – eligibility for training funds, possible workshop for MOBAC. They are starting with Monterey County.
    • The new MPL director is Bill Michael.
  5. Annual Committee Report
    • Ashlee distributed draft, will submit with discussed changes.
  6. Hands-On Workshop planning
    • Workshop focus will key off of strategic plan initiatives. Initiative B-2 is to evaluate usefulness of recording workshops. Stacy will check with Steve about usage of videos.
  7. MOBAC Meeting Room Survey and Library Services Survey
    • Library Services survey – convert tables to database? Tabled to next month.
    • Meeting Room survey Initiatives C-1-3 – incorporate into Library Services survey. What questions should be asked about meeting rooms? Revised Stacy’s draft questions. Ashlee will draft questions regarding virtual meeting attendance to address initiative C-1.
  8. New Business
    • Discussion of how many members constitute quorum; will place on agenda for next month.
  9. Public Comment – None
  10. Next business meeting is: 10/15/14
  11. Next business meeting place: CSUMB
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