Ref Committee Meeting Minutes: Jan 2011

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting

January 25, 2011
Hartnell College Library, Salinas

Next Meeting: February 22 at San Benito County Library


Bill Rawson, Hartnell
Pam Downing, SCPL
Jean Chapin, Harrison Memorial
Janet Cubbage, Harrison Memorial
Mary Housel, MCFL
Janie Silveria, CSUMB
Ann Jacobson, NPS – recorder
Inga Labeaune, Monterey Public
Pamela Jungerberg, Pacific Grove Public
Frank Gravier, UCSC
Betty Mason, San Benito

Approval of November 23, 2010 minutes – Approved

Additions to agenda:

Mary suggests adding PLP funding to agenda. Ref chatter not refunded, says Mary. Last year funded Mega Meeting, Career Transitions and RefChatter. Not clear what they are continuing. Janie suggested that we verify. She will do so.

Some conversation about texting. Jean says can get free phone number through Google Talk.

Meanwhile we have RefChatter through June 2011.


  • Administrative Council: Janie and Janet: Admin Council – discussion of PLP participation fee schedule was main topic of discussion. Some MOBAC libraries costs really going up. New potential monkey wrench with state budget cuts. Janet shared a document Linda Crowe wrote called, IF CLSA FUNDING GOES AWAY. Admin Council hasn’t approved fees yet. Some discussion of impacts if MOBAC left PLP (in ref committee). Databases, second level reference, etc. Next council meeting is Feb. 11 in Marina. But there is a PLP fee meeting before that, end of January. Fee schedule shared among ref group.
  • Tech Committee: Having a mobilize your library workshop this Friday.
  • ILL Committee: Bill Rawson. No meeting in December. Pamela J. says they are looking for suggestions on workshops so let her know if you have any ideas.
  • SPLAMBA: Some confusion over who is talking to whom about potential shared meeting with SPLAMBA. SPLAMBA having a tween workshop.Jean suggests database promotion as a topic for a shared meeting/workshop. Thinking of meeting in April. Ann suggests something on graphic novels, Jean says SPLAMBA has done some previous work on that topic.
  • MOBAC Strategic Plan workgroups: Jean Chapin is on the web strategic planning group. Steve Watkins is on that committee. Georg Romero is chair. Steve suggested WordPress as a platform for the website. Would enable anyone to author to the site.Bill Rawson, Eleanor Uhlinger and Stacy DeMatteo on a virtual meeting team. Been doing various explorations. Looking at equipment needs. Reminder that PLP will provide webcams with mikes for anyone who asks/needs. Jean C. has details.

Old Business

  • Listed on agenda as:
    • Workshops for 2010/11
    • Debrief on Ebook workshop
    • SCPL suggestion for Reference 101 training
    • Screen capture workshop
    • Other?

Discussion of Old Business:

  • Workshop evaluations:E Book Workshop 49 attendees. Janie debriefed on results which are also posted on wiki. Generally very well received. Hands-on really well received. Thanks to Janie for all of her work, CSUMB was a great venue! And thanks to Mary, and others.

    We reviewed some of the suggested topics for future workshops from the feedback form, but none of them really seemed actionable.

    Janie will see if the presenters can provide links to their slides. Also reviewing the video to see if it is worth getting permission from the presenters to post it.

    All were impressed with the amount of care the presenters took to ensure everything went well with all of that technology.

  • Other Workshop Suggestions for future:Pam Downing – shared service point means need for basic reference interview training. Janie says Infopeople offering things like that, could check to see if they would be willing to do it as a contract workshop for us. Focus on process (reference interview) vs. sources. Workshop for training paraprofessionals… We have had things like that before. Didn’t seem to generate a huge amount of interest among those present, though lots of suggestions for getting such training were shared.

    Janie reminded us of the screen capture workshop idea. jing (free) and camtasia ($$$$). Janie knows someone (Jeff McCall) who is a staff person at CSUMB. Ann mentions new librarian Andrea Davis at NPS who could show Jing. Others talked about staff in their library using Jing for reference and instruction purposes.

    Some discussion of OCLC databases and whether we need to continue to get the blocks for First Search. OCLC not licensing content from other entitities anymore so a lot won’t be available to us anymore. Janie will find out what’s going on with the MOBAC block searches usage.

    Target date for next workshop?

    Possibility of doing the screencasting as a workshop with SPLAMBA.

    Inga suggests that maybe doing a “canned” info people session would be more feasible given the time frame and amount of effort it takes to work something up from scratch.

    Some discussion of the amount of time and effort it takes to organize a session “from scratch”.

    Because of this MPC may not want to host anymore…

    Frank suggests informing Admin Council of the need for support for continuing events – puts burden on the few libraries that have appropriate venues.

    Ann suggests something on Augmented Reality such as Sarah Houghton Jan

    We then looked at InfoPeople Contract Courses at: and thought #67 on Online Tutorials for $1000 would be a good option rather than trying to put together a home grown session on screencasting. Need a venue.

    Jean Chapin volunteered to be the point person on this.

    What that involves is contacting InfoPeople, talking with them about Jing, selecting a date, getting help with a location. We discussed a Friday. But for all day workshops a Thursday might be better? Maybe in late March? Need to work around Easter.

Betty offered San Benito County Library for next month. February 22.

News from the Libraries (not recorded)

Ann will post document in WIki as a wiki.

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