Ref Committee Meeting Minutes: Nov 2011

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting

11/22/11, 2-5pm

Cabrillo College

Call to order

Recorder: Deborah Ruiz



Jean Chapin-HML, Janie Silveria-CSUMB, Laura Dickie-Cabrillo, Kathy Norton-NPS, Deborah Ruiz-MPC, Inga LaBeaune-MPL, Heather Geddes-WPL, Jim Tarjan-SCPL, Frank Gravier UCSC, Pamela Jungerberg-MIIS.


September 2012 Minutes Approved:JT moved, JC seconded, all approved.




Administrative Council

JC reported on retreat, the focus was the future of MOBAC. Retreat held at Scotts Valley and chaired by Jayanti Addleman (MCL) and Teresa Landers (SCPL).  Four page draft of results discussed.  The group finally agreed to talk to their library directors about the importance of MOBAC.    Council will meet on 12/8.


Tech Committee

–  No one present from Tech group.  Mentioned the workshop that was presented on Video Recording.


ILL Committee

– New chair is Rebecca Bergeon-CSUMB and vice-chair is Irma Fink-NPS for 2012-13.  They will continue with quarterly meetings.



– October meeting cancelled.


MOBAC Strategic Plan

– HG had no report.



-JC reported that Career Transitions will expire on 11/28 as per PLP newsletter.


Old Business

-Hands On Follow Up:  Overall evals very positive, 33 attended, minor complaints included:  temperature, food, connectivity.  Ideas for future workshops:  More Ref, book-talking ref materials, speedy book reviews, more social opportunities, ebooks, instruction/presentation tips.  Group would like to diverge from ALA/RUSA recommended reference list, could go topical/thematic or ask members to bring new sources. Other ideas discussed were doing job/occupation update, how different libraries are moving towards new models of ILL/Reference Services/Reference formats (move towards less print, sharing desk space, reducing ILLs through purchase of materials), Reference beyond “where is the bathroom?”, (MPL just reduced their ref budget from $25,000 to $7,000), alternatives to print reference and moving to ebooks.

WORLD CAT: Donna Truong got money from state to support WorldCat for all MOBAC libraries till June 2012.  CalCat will then go away to WorldCat (unless libraries have individual accounts).

-Workshop Planning: Last year we did screencasting and ebooks/ereaders.  Let’s look beyond books.  Definitely need food at workshops.  No one could remember how much honorariums were for ebook presentors.  Ideas for future included, how to talk up databases, using databases instead of the Goo, handselling databases and reference materials, marketing services to patrons, socials for members, social networking and what libraries have tried-failures and successes, games like at CLA using unseen powerpoint slides to sell (battledecks?), roving reference with IPADs, circulating reference books, chat reference with pidgeon.

-Database Evaluation Progress:  Still continuing, want vendors to unbundle databases.  Vote via survey, decisions must be made by February 2012.

New Business

Meeting places discussed, see WIKI for final decisions.  Folks want to go to UCSC to see new space and the Grateful Dead collection.


Reference Shares/Problem

HML:  Getting lots of emails wanting to put info on website, what do others do?  Mostly everyone said they ignore the emails!  Or respond “NO”, can’t hurt a search optimizer’s feelings!

Who allows water and food?   All present except MPC and HML allow food (unless “messy”) and beverages.  NPS just got a Starbucks?  is planning on letting Starbucks share some of the library space in the future.

Who has a Facebook page?  UCSC, MIIS, CSUMB (does sort of a blog), CAB, MPC : No.  HCL facebook used by staff.  SCSC: Yes.  NPC NPS has 500 friends.

News from the Libraries

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