MOBAC Admininistrative Council – August, 2013

MOBAC Administrative Council

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cabrillo College Library

6500 Soquel Dr.

Aptos, CA 95003

Council: Georg Romero (CAB), Teresa Landers (SCPL), Janet Bombard (HML), Kim Bui-Burton (MPL), Douglas Achterman (GAV)

Others:  Chris Ricker (MCFL), Donna Truong (MOBAC), Inga Labeaune (MPL), Cathy Andrews (MCFL),Jean Chapin (HML), Ashlee Wright (HML)

Proxies: Ricker for MCFL, Bui-Burton for PGL and NPS, Romero for WAT, MIIS and HCL.


The August 16, 2013 meeting was held at the Cabrillo College Library, chaired by Bui-Burton.

1.         Agenda: Adopted by the Council.

2.         Minutes: June 14, 2013  approved (Romero/Bombard).

3.         Committee Liaison’s role: All MOBAC committees appreciate having a Council liaison present or available by phone when they have the meeting, but felt that regular communication between Council and Committees was most important.  Council members discussed difficulties with regular attendance.  Liaisons to MOBAC committee are as follows:


  1. Committee Co-Chair: Irma Fink
  2. Liaison: Carol Heitzig (Eleanor Uhlinger)


  1. Committee Chair: Inga Labeaune
  2. Liaison:  Janet Bombard


  1. Committee Chair:  Don Gardner
  2. Liaison:  Kim Bui-Burton


  1. Committee Chair:   Stacy DeMatteo/Ashlee Wright
  2. Liaison:  Georg Romero  (Teresa Landers)


  1. Committee Chair: Cathy Andrews.
  2. Liaison:  Kim Bui-Burton (Jayanti Addleman)

4.         Nominating Committee for Vice Chair FY 13/14: Romero reported that Uhlinger at NPS accepted the nomination.

5.         Strategic Planning Committee: Jane Light will be the facilitator at the February 28 retreat for Directors and Committee members at Marina branch, Monterey County Free Library. Surveys will be sent before the meeting. At least two members per Committee will be encouraged to attend.

6.        PLP Update: The Executive Committee met on July 29.

  • PLP will support Enki-Califa e-book collection by paying for first year costs for PLP libraries.  The collection will be available to all PLP members for a year starting September or October.
  • Thank you for filling out the CENIC survey; very important for California broadband access
  • PLP is interested in bringing MOBAC workshops outside of the MOBAC area. PLP will reimburse for staff time and travel costs. MOBAC committees will be asked to discuss at their next meetings.
  • MOBAC needs another public library director representative to PLP  to replace Landers, whose term will be expiring at end of June 2014.

7.         Reports were received from the ILL, Reference, SPLAMBA, Technology and Literacy Committees.

8.         The Chair reported on an upcoming Monterey County Literacy Summit on October 25 at CSUMB, sponsored by the Literacy Campaign for Monterey County.

9.         MOBAC Administration reported on an upcoming round of PLP Innovation Grants and encouraged MOBAC libraries to get ready to apply.

There was no Public Comment.

10.       News was shared from libraries attending


Agenda building:

  • Report from Strategic Planning Committee
  • Annual reports from Committees
  • Workshops outside MOBAC area
  • Summer Council meeting discussion

Next MOBAC Council meeting: October 11, Watsonville Public Library

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