Administrative Council Minutes – June 13, 2014

MOBAC Administrative Council

Friday, June 13, 2014

Monterey County Free Libraries-Marina Branch

190 Seaside Circle

Marina, CA 93933

9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Action Minutes

Council:  Georg Romero (CAB), Teresa Landers (SCPL), Carol Heitzig (WAT), Jayanti Addleman (MCFL), Peggy Mayfield (HCL), Steven Silveria (PAC), Kathleen Hanselmann (DLI)

Others:  Irma Fink (NPS), Donna Truong (MOBAC), Ashlee Wright (HML), Mary Elturk (PAC), Catherine Andrews (MCFL)

Proxies:  Romero for MPC and NPS, Silveria for MPL.


The June 13, 2014 meeting was held at Monterey County Free Libraries, Marina Branch and  chaired by Romero.

1.         Agenda: Adopted (Landers/Addleman).

2.         Minutes: April 11, 2014 approved (Landers/Addleman).

3.         PLP Update: It was a good annual meeting with two speakers: Michael Miller from Brown-Miller Communications and Jess Munro from Entrepreneurs by Design. By-laws updates and CLSA Plan of Service were reviewed and approved. John Alita of San Bruno Public Library will be the President for 2014-2015.

4.       Califa Update: Romero read Uhlinger’s note : Califa is doing well; strong finances and excellent response to ENKI collection. ENKI continue to add publishers, libraries and advise others who are interested in the behind-the-scenes. 2  grants were submitted to create additional modules and extend ENKI administrative tools.

5.         Strategic Planning Committee: Teams/Committees were assigned to work on Goals and Actions.


IV.       Goals and Action Plan

Goals Date to Complete Leadership Team
  1. Maintain awareness of Broadband issues as statewide initiatives move forward.
On-going Landers/Addleman
  1. Identify strategies to encourage information sharing between MOBAC and PLP.
  1. Finalize Admin Council committee attendance policies and procedures


B.            STAFF DEVELOPMENT    
  1. Encourage MOBAC member libraries to participate in the PLP Talent Exchange Program.


  1. Evaluate value of recording workshops and other MOBAC sponsored training
  Silveria/Technology Committee
  1. Based on results above, publicize and promote recorded sessions to MOBAC and PLP member libraries and their staff.



Goals Date to Complete Leadership Team
C.            TECHNOLOGY    
  1. Explore options for holding remote meetings.
  Silveria /Technology Committee
  1. Establish clearinghouse of meeting room capabilities of MOBAC member libraries.
  1. Develop procedures to regularly update meeting room capabilities clearinghouse.
D.            FUNDING AND ADVOCACY    
  1. Develop a financial plan for managing the fund balance.
  1. Develop a process for participating in advocacy efforts related to California legislation and budget matters of interest to libraries.
E.            LOCAL IDENTITY    
  1. Review the content of the Library Services Survey.
  Romero/Reference Chair
  1. Formalize the process for updating the Library Services Survey.
  Romero/Reference Chair




2014 2015 2016



















6.     MOBAC to partner with the Literacy Campaign:  Approve (Landers/Hanselmann).

7.     Monterey Bay Aquarium Library-Council –Accept letter from Fran Wolf to withdraw from MOBAC. Recruiting new members was discussed. MOBAC chair to draft recruitment letters to special libraries in the area.

8.    OCLC Subscription FY 14/15: Approved (Landers/Romero).

9. Nominating Committee: Steven Silveria will be the vice chair for FY 14/15 (Jayanti/Romero).

10.  Reconfirm MOBAC Committees:

  • Reference: Confirmed (Addleman/Mayfield)
  • Technology: Confirmed (Hanselmann/Heitzig)
  • ILL: Confirmed (Addleman/Romero)
  • SPLAMBA: Confirmed (Addleman)
  • Literacy: Need to provide mission statement, roster. Will be confirmed next meeting

11:   Meeting dates and locations:

  • August 8, Watsonville Public Library
  • October 10, Monterey County Free Libraries, Marina Branch
  • December 12, Santa Cruz City-County Library System, Aptos Branch
  • February 13, Monterey County Free Libraries, Castroville Branch
  • April 10, Naval Post Graduate Library
  • June 12, Pacific Grove Library

12.    News was shared by libraries attending.

13.     Agenda items for next meeting:

  • Goals and Action Plan update
  • Confirm Literacy Committee
  • PLP Update

Next MOBAC Council meeting: August 8, 2014 at Watsonville Public Library.

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