Administrative Council Minutes: February 8, 2013

MOBAC Administrative Council

Friday, February 8, 2013

9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Salinas Public Library-Cesar Chavez Branch

615 Williams Road

Salinas, CA 93905

Action Minutes

Council:Georg Romero (CAB), Kathleen Hanselmann (DLI), Nora Conte (SBCFL), Peggy Mayfield (HCL), Doug Achterman (GAV), Stephanie Tetter (MPC), Janet Bombard (HML), Elizabeth Martinez (SAL), Kim Bui-Burton (MPL), Jayanti Addleman (MCFL)

Others: Jean Chapin (HML), Donna Truong (MOBAC), Doug Holtzman (MPL), Laura Dickie (CAB), Mary Elturk (PAC), Inga Labeaune (MPL), Don Gardner (SAL), Deborah Ruiz (MPC)

The February 8, 2013 meeting was held at the Salinas Public Library-Cesar Chavez Branch and chaired by Romero.

1. Agenda: Agenda approved as distributed (Mayfield/Tetter).

2. Minutes: December 14, 2012 approved (Approved : Addleman/Hanselmann- Abstain: Bui-Burton and Tetter).

3. PLP Update: PLP Executive Committee met on January 28, 2013. Truong gave an update on current PLP projects. PLP Annual Meeting will be held at City of Santa Clara Library. The main speaker will be Louis Fox, Executive Director at CENIC (the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California). There will be reports on Innovation grants from participants.

4. Action Plan: Brown Act checklist was reviewed. The checklist was approved with changes (Hanselmann/Bui-Burton). Romero will post it on MOBAC website. Resource Sharing statement was approved (Bombard/Tetter).

5. Report from Nominating Committee: Bui-Burton was nominated as vice Chair for the current year and replaces Lisa Maddelena (Addleman/Conte). She will be the MOBAC Chair for FY 13/14.

6. MOBAC Chair report: Romero discussed planning for next strategic session. This will be on agenda for next meeting.

Agenda building:
• Possible funding for Technology Committee
• Review Strategic Plan
• Planning meeting
• Vision for the future/Library Trends discussion
• Budget FY 13/14-use of MOBAC fund balance

Next MOBAC Council meeting: April 12, 2013 at Santa Cruz City/County Library, Scotts Valley Branch

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