Admin Council Minutes, April 2012

MOBAC Administrative Council

Friday, April 20, 2012

9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Hartnell College Library

411 Central Avenue

Salinas, CA 93901


Action Minutes


Janet Bombard (HML), Georg Romero (CAB),  Eleanor Uhlinger (NPS),  Nora Conte (SBL), Peggy Mayfield (HCL), Carol Heitzig (WAT), Stephanie Tetter (MPC), Kathleen Hanselmann (DLI), Elizabeth Martinez (SAL); Lisa Maddalena (PAC)

Others: Jean Chapin (HML), Donna Truong (MOBAC), Don Garner (SAL), Mary Ellison (SAL)

Proxy: Douglas Holtzman (MPL) for Kim Bui-Burton (MPL) and Teresa Landers (SCL)

Georg Romero (CAB) for Ginny Steel (UCSC)

Peggy Mayfield (HCL) for Jayanti Addleman (MCO)


The April 20, 2012 meeting was held at the Hartnell College Library and chaired by Bombard.



1.         Agenda: Agenda approved as distributed (Mayfield/Tetter)

2.         Minutes: February 10, 2012 approved as distributed (Romero/Heitzig, Abstain: Tetter).

3.       Welcome Defense Lanuage Institure (DLI) as member of MOBAC.

Accepted (Ulinger/Romero). All were excited DLI rejoined MOBAC.

4.       Report from the Budget & Audit Committee:

  • Approved to use MOBAC fund balance to subsidize PLP membership fees not to exceed $13,551. (Ulinger/Heitzig)
  • MOBAC will not fund OCLC Worldcat FY 12/13
  • Committee Funding: Each committee will receive up to $500 support from PLP.

5.       PLP Update – PLP haven’t met since our last MOBAC meeting. PLP annual meeting will be at Berryessa Branch of San Jose Public Library, May 11 starts at 10 am.  Landers will continue as President for another year.

6.  Nominating Committee: Bombard and Mayfield will report back at June meeting . We need public library council as vice-chair FY 12/13.

7.  Identify needs: Council/Committees- Truong will provide a list of requirements for MOBAC as a J.P.A legal entity at the next meeting.


Agenda building: Financial Sustainability, Identify needs, OCLC WorldCat discussion, meeting schedule for FY 12/13.

Next MOBAC Council meeting: NPS Library, June 8, 2012

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