Technology Committee Meeting – February 16, 2021 – Zoom

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Co-Chairs: Kristen Cardoso (UCSC), Katie O’Connell (HML)

Attendees: Katharine Dixon (SPL), Deborah Stephens (Hartnell), John Brady (CSUMB), Katie O’Connell (HML), Kristen Cardoso (UCSC), Glenn Tozier (MPC), Stacy DeMatteo (NPS)

Today’s recorder: Glenn Tozier (MPC)

Old Business: None

Agenda review: Addition of “News from Kristen”

Approve minutes from last meeting: Approved as presented.

MOBAC Reports (as necessary): Listservs being migrated to PLP from UCSC

New Business:

  • News from Kristen: Moving back to Mass., with a conditional offer at New Bedford Public Library. Last day at UCSC is next Friday. She has really appreciated her almost seven years in MOBAC and will miss everyone.
  • We are still waiting to hear back from the designer regarding the new MOBAC website.

Public comment: None

Next business meeting place: March 16, 2021 2-3pm

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