Email Reflectors

Committee/Group Name Email Address Administrator
Directors: Wendy Cao
Reference Committee: Frank Gravier
Technology Committee: Georg Romero (temp.)
ILL Committee: Jean Chapin
ILL Staff: Jean Chapin
SPLAMBA: Wendy Cao
MOBAC Information: Georg Romero



If anyone else in your organizations wants to subscribe to a list, they need to log into Google, point their browser to the appropriate list name below, and submit a request to join the list. The lists are:

Email Reflector Web Address
Reference Committee:!forum/mobacref-group
Technology Committee:!forum/mobactech-group
ILL Committee:!forum/mobacillcomm-group
MOBAC Information:!forum/mobacinfo-group

To unsubscribe or change any of your options, log into Google and click on the appropriate list name (see above), and make any necessary changes or unsubscribe from the list.